Whether you want to explore and commit to new exercise regimes, understand how you can workout using virtual classes, commit to a different eating plan, transition to new wellness plans as work and family needs shift--whatever your needs, I'm equipped to help you. Many coaching sessions are conducted on the phone or via a FaceTime-like interface, I am able to offer this service for DC-based or non-local clients. Additionally, once social distancing is over, I can conduct one-on-one sessions in my home, yours, or a convenient public space.

1-on-1 Health and Wellness Coaching


Many clients love the idea of walking and coaching at the same time—multitasking! Outdoor walking sessions in local wooded parks and walking trails provide you with the opportunity to exercise during your coaching sessions and use nature to help stimulate healthy conversation. During social distancing, many clients have found value in us walking separately while talking to each other on the phone. 

Walking & Coaching Sessions

I work one-on-one with clients to evaluate the actual tools you have in your kitchen (pots, knives, appliances, pantry items) as well as evaluate your kitchen strategies, menus, and shopping practices. From here, I will offer ways to make the kitchen a friendlier and more usable space and help set strategies to ensure that meals are simpler to execute. I will also coach you to be able to learn to cook healthy and tasty meals in your own home, quickly. Using online tools and cameras, I'm able to teach cooking classes virtually. 

Culinary Coaching

These small group classes will be taught in my professional-style home kitchen or in yours. Here, clients will learn to prepare two or three healthy family meals that are neither labor intensive nor time restraining. The sessions are interactive—not demonstrative—where clients will gain confidence from preparing the meals themselves. NOT AVAILABLE during social distancing.

Healthy Cooking Classes