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Gretchen has been providing me with culinary coaching and in our time together thus far, has taught me the critical fundamentals of navigating the kitchen, given me great confidence in my cooking abilities, and fostered a willingness in me to experiment that I never had before. She is practical and thoughtful, and has shared incredibly useful and easy tricks for preparing meals that are both healthy - for myself and at the same time tasty - for my husband. I look forward to learning more from Gretchen, she is a great coach!

Lisa A. Kopp


I started working with Gretchen during a transition. She helped me evaluate my priorities and understand my values - and gave me the tools to structure my life to be both happier and healthier. Gretchen is a joy to work with and I highly recommend her!



Working with Gretchen was so much fun! She was super easy to talk to and really helped me organize some aspects of my life. Meal prep was a huge problem for me. Something I never learned as a young adult and was a big stresser.


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